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Mike’s been making people laugh since he was small...er.

At a young age Mike realized that laughter is powerful medicine. It helps people forget about their drama and enjoy the moment. As a kid, he studied jazz, tap and musical theatre as part of an ensemble. During one of the recitals, the tape deck broke, and they needed something or someone to stall the crowd while they worked out the technical difficulties. Mike immediately jumped out onstage by himself and before he knew it, he was cracking jokes, doing a little improv, and getting people laughing up out of their seats. That magical moment would serve as a sign of things to come when, years later, Mike finally decided to become a stand-up comic.

Mike’s been honored to bring joy and laughter into the lives of many. So far, he’s have rocked shows from Towson's Last Comic Standing at Towson University to Caroline’s Comedy Club in New York. He has shared the stage with Carlos Alazraqui & Cedric Yarbrough from Comedy Central's Reno 911, and co-hosted an award show with Grey's Anatomy star, James Pickens, Jr.

Comedy is his ministry, in fact it is at his church, Hope’s House Christian Ministries, in Granada Hills California where his gift has been allowed to grow and flourish by getting to host many of their events such as their annual “Night of Scenes” and “Legacy of Hope” to name a few. The great thing is -- you don't have to feel bad about laughing at his jokes. Mike provides a feel good experience whether it's Saturday night or Sunday morning. Now please don't expect the super clean, "Don't you hate when you leave your Bible at home" type of jokes, but he will give you something thought-provoking to think about…like have you ever wondered what the first miracle where Jesus turns water in to wine would sound like if they were all from Trinidad and Tobago?! Mike has and it’s hilarious.

Mike’s job is to keep you laughing, to make you feel good, and to give you something to smile about long after the show's over. Come check out a show, you will laugh until you cry, and you will leave feeling lighter. It’s all about giving you the comedic therapy you need to keep pushing ahead.

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