If laughter is medicine, get ready for an overdose.

Have you ever laughed so hard you couldn't breathe? The kind where cool goes right out the window and whatever you were worried about fades away.
Laughter is great therapy.
I'm Mike Andre,
and making people laugh
is what I do best.

If laughter is medicine, get ready for an overdose.

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Mike’s been making people laugh since he was small...er.

At a young age Mike realized that laughter is powerful medicine. It helps people forget about their drama and enjoy the moment. As a kid, he studied jazz, tap and musical theatre as part of an ensemble. During one of the recitals, the tape deck broke, and they needed something or someone to stall the crowd while they worked out the technical difficulties. Mike immediately jumped out onstage by himself and before he knew it, he was cracking jokes, doing a little improv, and getting people laughing up out of their seats. That magical moment would serve as a sign of things to come when, years later, Mike finally decided to become a stand-up comic. Continue ]

Testimonials. Yes people are talking about me...this time in a good way!


"Must-see comic."

Mike is special. He has a way of inviting his audience into his set. Then he turns on you by putting you on blast... A must see comic.
- Tony J.


"I Laughed so hard!"

The first time I saw Mike Andre's stand-up I literally laughed through the entire performance. I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt the next day. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. You will definitely feel better when you leave Mike Andre's show!
- Parneille W.


"Just plain funny."

This brotha is just plain funny. Mike is naturally funny without the use of the cursing-crutch. Great stories. Great timing. Great delivery.
- Keyth S.

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